Cerkno LinuX Palk DX Cluster - S50CLX
S50CLX Cerkno LinuX Palk DXCluster
DX de ES1TU: 3590.2 ES100Z Estonian Republic 100 150603Z
DX de LY4MA: 7009.3 LY11LY 150603Z
DX de VK4SMA: 14250.0 VK4SMA * JMFD Contest * 300603Z
DX de OK2PF: 7042.9 ZL3PAH BARTG RTTY 320603Z
DX de UA3U: 7011.6 R1CF/M RAFA 160604Z
DX de IT9CZJ: 7139.0 TC18GL 200604Z
DX de UA7KA: 7023.0 EU6DX CW POPOV Memorial Contest 160604Z
DX de LZ1ZX: 7164.0 LZ2ZF CQ DX NET 200604Z
DX de DL7JAN: 7063.3 V31RJ BARTG RTTY 70604Z
DX de JH1KLE: 10108.3 TN5R CQing via LP up 360609Z
DX de R7GM: 7080.0 RX7K DIPLOM 160607Z
DX de UR5VKX: 10144.5 ES100P tnx 150608Z
DX de PB9FN: 7139.0 TC18GL cq cq 200608Z
DX de ES1TU: 10127.0 ES100A Estonian Republic 100 150609Z
DX de F1BBI: 7074.0 ZL1BRL CQ FT8 -11 dB 320609Z
DX de SP4SHW: 7142.0 SQ9LOM/P SPFF 1564 150609Z
DX de I0DJV: 7145.0 TC184L spec.call cqcqcqcq 200610Z
DX de ES1TU: 10112.0 ES100R Estonian Republic 100 150610Z
DX de I1YOD: 3508.0 V31MA 70610Z
DX de SP2GUC: 7142.0 SQ7LOM/P spff 1564 pga wr04 new one 150610Z
WCY de DK0WCY0418ZSFI=69A=23K=5expK=1R=0SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY0518ZSFI=69A=23K=5expK=1R=0SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY0618ZSFI=69A=23K=1expK=0R=0SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WWV de AE5E0018ZSFI=69A=20K=4No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E0318ZSFI=69A=20K=4No Storms - Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E0618ZSFI=69A=20K=3No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de I0AMU2138Ztj2tt only $, per pagarsi le ferie in hotel.
To ALL de IK7JTF2147Ziz7djs apri gli occhi
To ALL de K4CY0039ZKF4NEF: Be still my beating heart! Can I really download an 'S' certificate if I QSO with W4HCA? There IS a God, and she loves me ...
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