Cerkno LinuX Palk DX Cluster - S50CLX
S50CLX Cerkno LinuX Palk DXCluster
DX de UA3QNA: 14076.5 K3JGJ tnx QSO 51306Z
DX de JE1HPM: 7007.0 TX0M QRZ UP 321306Z
DX de R3THA: 10136.0 K5ZD tnx QSO CQ FT8 41307Z
DX de OH6NUW: 3799.5 K7FX cq dx 31307Z
DX de EA7FKY: 7085.0 EA5HEP SORTEO ACRACB 2018 141307Z
DX de WA0JIM: 3573.8 JR3UIC 251308Z
DX de F5JCG: 14024.0 YT27AP Tnx fer qso 151308Z
DX de UA9JTJ: 7125.0 4L0BW tnx QSO 211308Z
DX de YB2TX: 7007.0 TX0M TU UP 1 321308Z
DX de WB2HTO: 14074.2 TA7K ft8 201309Z
DX de SV3IRG: 14221.0 F5LIW cq dx 141309Z
DX de OH7UE: 7074.0 DU1JM FT8 Tnx 271309Z
DX de KC0OW: 7015.9 DU3LA 7015.93 wrkble in OK 271309Z
DX de W6PU: 7006.0 JA5EWQ 569 into New Mexico 251310Z
DX de OH6NUW: 3799.5 K7FX Copy only S P Q 4 31311Z
DX de UA3QNA: 14076.5 W4HHN tnx QSO 41311Z
DX de UA3RMH: 10136.0 2E0SMX 141311Z
DX de TI2MCS: 14200.0 RZ3AH Strong in Costa Rica 161312Z
DX de WY1G: 14205.0 RZ3AH CQ NA 161312Z
DX de US5XD: 14014.0 CO2AME TNX 81312Z
WCY de DK0WCY1118ZSFI=72A=8K=2expK=2R=12SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY1218ZSFI=72A=8K=2expK=0R=12SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY1318ZSFI=72A=8K=2expK=1R=12SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WWV de W0MU0618ZSFI=72A=9K=3No Storms - No Storms
WWV de W0MU0918ZSFI=72A=9K=3No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E1218ZSFI=72A=9K=3No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de SR9DDF-120205ZDX Cluster Silesian University of Technology * Gliwice * IP: port 9000 at 10-Dec-2018 0205Z
To ALL de OK1RR0911ZOK2VK - why self spots?
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