Cerkno LinuX Palk DX Cluster - S50CLX
S50CLX Cerkno LinuX Palk DXCluster
DX de KO1DX: 50323.0 IK0FTA FT8 -19 +728hz JN61 151450Z
DX de KO1DX: 50313.0 VO1SIX FT8 -17 +1226hz GN27 CQ 51450Z
DX de KE4TWI: 50075.0 NL7XM/B EM66VC-ES-FN20 11450Z
DX de F4BWJ: 50140.0 UW8SM IN93MP-ES-KN28IV 161450Z
DX de EA3GJO: 28074.0 UA3PQN FT-8 tnx 73 161450Z
DX de W0FLS: 50095.5 N4UF 41450Z
DX de SV1ACK: 14088.0 SX18FIFA QRV RTTY 201450Z
DX de DD6DR: 28019.0 9A90P cqcqcq iota 151450Z
DX de M5PLY: 14073.9 MM3GPL BPSK31 141450Z
DX de K1TOL: 50313.0 9K2NO FT8>Maine 211450Z
DX de N4EX: 7042.0 N4EX/PPOTA KFF-3515 (OH) rain stoppe 41450Z
DX de SV2DCD: 50323.0 XE2JS FT8 -16 TNX QSO 61450Z
DX de KF2OG: 14085.8 RC18KA 161451Z
DX de GI0CWV: 14240.0 GB2RN tnx mike 73! 141451Z
DX de ON2ZZA: 14216.0 II1ITR 5/9+ 151451Z
DX de N2BTD: 28413.0 NT0Y Ken from FL 55 in NY 41450Z
DX de JH7RTQ: 14085.8 RR18KA RTTY 161451Z
DX de OE3FVU: 24916.9 PA3GAE JN78VE<>JO21 FT8 141451Z
DX de W3LPL: 18083.9 GU4CHY Heard in PA 141451Z
DX de EA5DNO: 50314.0 PA3HGF 141451Z
WCY de DK0WCY1218ZSFI=77A=9K=2expK=0R=41SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY1318ZSFI=77A=9K=2expK=2R=41SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY1418ZSFI=77A=9K=2expK=3R=41SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de AE5E0618ZSFI=77A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E0918ZSFI=77A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E1218ZSFI=77A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de SP5IT1330Znope
To ALL de SM5LNE1422ZVK5CE/6 impossible to copy here due two German station splattering on 14253 !
To ALL de KM8V1432ZN8USK dxspdiuquit
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