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To connect to the cluster via the Internet you need to telnet to What the heck does that mean?

Any computer that can access the Internet should be able to connect, talk to a local Internet guru if you have questions, they should understand how to set you up to telnet to port 41112. You can run the simple 'telnet' program that will get installed once you have a Internet connection. However, if you are serious about using the DX Cluster from a telnet connection you should get a copy of VE7CC DX Cluster client program. If you want to connect using the simple telnet program that you already have on your system, continue with the following steps.

For telnet connecting to S50CLX DX Cluster click TELNET or open your telnet client program and connect to port 41112. How to use telnet for connecting to DX Cluster? Telnet in Windows 7 can be easily done by installing telnet client which is not installed by default! To install:

1) Go to Control panel
2) Click on ‘ Programs and Features’
3) At left side, click on ‘ Turn Windows features on or off’
Go down in Windows Features box, and tick ‘Telnet Client’. Then press OK, and let installation complete.That’s it, telnet client installation is done in Windows 7. When telnet client is installed, windows firewall settings also changed automatically to allow telnet packets. Now if you type ‘telnet’ command, you can get telnet console in Windows 7.

In Windows 7:

1. Open Telnet by clicking the Start button typing Telnet in the Search box and then clicking OK.
2. To see which commands are available type a question mark (?) and then press ENTER
3. Type in: open 41112
4. Press ENTER
5. Type in your valid ham-radio callsign then press ENTER
6. You are inside S50CLX. As soon as you connect you will automatically start receiving DX spots
7. Please learn at least few basic commands!

In Mac OS:

1. Open up the "Terminal" application found in the Utilities folder under Applications
2. Type in: telnet 41112
3. Make steps 5-7 for Windows 7
4. To exit the connection, hold type CTRL+] and then type quit and press ENTER

In Linux:
1. If you're in Linux, I guess you know how to use the telnet ;-)

You will need to login with your callsign and then select and verify a password that you must remember each and every time you connect to the cluster via telnet. If you do not have a password set - don't enter one. :-) We do yourself a favor and get a copy of VE7CC client program if you are serious about using Internet telnet connections for access to the cluster.