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DX News Ham Radio

DX News DX Information for DXers
  1. V5/NZ2P Namibia. From
    Meinhard, DJ6OV is currently active from Namibia as V5/NZ2P.
  2. S21L Bangladesh. From
    Radio Amateurs from Bangladesh will be active from Bangladesh in CQ WW WPX SSB Contest 25 - 26 March 2017 as S21L.
  3. P29VXG New Britain Island. From
    Haru, JA1XGI will be active from New Britain Island, IOTA OC - 008, Bismark Archipelago 6 - 12 April 2017 as P29VXG.
  4. P49Y Aruba. From
    AE6Y will be active from Aruba in ARRL DX SSB Contest 4 - 5 March 2017 as P49Y.
  5. JW/SQ8KFH Svalbard. From
    Kamil, SQ8KFH will be active from Svalbard, IOTA EU - 026, until 20 May 2017 as JW/SQ8KFH.
  6. VE3VSM/HR9 Roatan Island. From
    Dave, VE3VSM will be active again from Roatan Island (IOTA NA-057) 28 February - 5 March 2017 as VE3VSM/HR9.
  7. TI7/K0BBC Costa Rica. From
    Matt, K0BBC will be active from Costa Rica, 28 February - 7 March 2017 as TI7/K0BBC.
  8. FG/DL2AAZ Basse Terre Island Guadeloupe. From
    Reiner, DL2AAZ will be active from Basse Terre Island, IOTA NA - 102, Guadeloupe 22 May - 7 June 2017 as FG/DL2AAZ.
  9. VP6EU Pitcairn Island. From
    DJ9HX, DK2AMM, DL6JGN, PA3EWP will be active from Pitcairn Island, IOTA OC - 044, 16 February - 5 March 2017 as VP6EU.
  10. 7P8EUDXF Lesotho. From
    Pista, HA5AO will be active from Lesotho 10 - 26 February 2017 as 7P8EUDXF.
  11. VQ9ZZ VQ9ZZ/MM Diego Garcia Island Chagos Islands. From
    N1ZZZ will be active again from Diego Garcia Island, IOTA AF - 006, Chagos Islands April - June 2017 as VQ9ZZ.
  12. JW6VDA Svalbard. From
    Tom, LA6VDA inform, that he will be active again from Svalbard Islands, IOTA EU - 026, 1 - 22 March 2017 as JW6VDA.
  13. ZF2FL Grand Cayman Island. From
    Fred, K5QBX will be active from Grand Cayman Island, IOTA NA - 016, 21 - 26 March 2017 as ZF2FL.
  14. 9N7EI Nepal. From
    David, EI9FBB inform, that members of EI DX Group will be active from Nepal 8 - 20 March 2017 as 9N7EI.
  15. V4/KE1B V4/W6NN Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands. From
    Rich KE1B and Anna W6NN will be active from Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands, IOTA NA - 104, 1 - 9 July 2017 as V4/KE1B and V4/W6NN.
  16. VP5/K3NK VP5/W3HNK Providenciales Island. From
    Jim K3NK and Joe W3HNK will be active from Providenciales Island, IOTA NA - 002, 11 - 18 April 2017 as VP5/K3NK and VP5/W3HNK.
  17. GT4BRS Isle of Man. From
    Dear Barry Amateur Radio Society, will be going on a "Holiday Style Club Dxpedition" to the Isle of Man (GD) From 15th April until 22nd April 2017.
  18. 8Q7LH Himandhoo Island. From
    Radio Amateurs members of Lufthansa Amateur Radio Club, will be active from Himandhoo Island, IOTA AS - 013, 2 - 9 March 2017 as 8Q7LH.