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DX News Ham Radio Amateur Radio DX Peditions DX Information

DX News DX Information for DXers
  1. YF1AR Java Island 80m yagi. From
    Budi, YF1AR will be active from Java Island, IOTA OC - 021, several days starting 31 August 2016 as YF1AR.
  2. KG4SS Guantanamo Bay. From
    Stu, K4MIL will be active again from Guantanamo Bay, IOTA NA - 015, 13 - 26 September 2016 as KG4SS.
  3. VK9LN Lord Howe Island. From
    Leszek Lechkowicz, NI1L will be active again from Lord Howe Island 20 - 27 September 2016 as VK9LN.
  4. T88TJ Koror Island. From
    Chusuke, JR1FKR will be active again from Koror Island (IOTA OC-009), Palau 2 - 7 September 2016 as T88TJ.
  5. T88HR Koror Island. From
    Hara, JH1MLO will be active again from Koror Island, Palau 1 - 6 September 2016 as T88HR.
  6. SV8/IZ4JMA Aegina Island. From
    SV8/IZ4JMA Aigina Island. Max, IZ4JMA will be active from Aegina Island, IOTA EU - 075, 12 - 17 September 2016 as SV8/IZ4JMA.
  7. PR2GU Guarau Island. From
    PR2GU Guarau Island. PY2DS, PY2VOX, PY2AE, PU2POP will be active from Guarau Island, IOTA SA - 071, 24 - 25 September 2016 as PR2GU.
  8. SV8/IZ4JMA Skyros Island. From
    SV8/IZ4JMA Skyros Island. Max, IZ4JMA will be active from Skyros Island, IOTA EU - 060, 5 - 11 September 2016 as SV8/IZ4JMA.
  9. 5E3A Morocco. From
    5E3A Morocco. EA7FTR, EB7DX, EA1ACP, EA5HPX will be active from Morocco 1 - 4 September 2016 as 5E3A.
  10. D44TUB Sal Island Cabo Verde Cape Verde. From
    D44TUB Sal Island. Laszlo, HA5NT is planning to be active from Sal Island, IOTA AF - 086, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) as D44TUB.
  11. Cervantes Award. From
    2016 is the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, one of the greatest writers in Universal History. His most iconic novel, “Don Quixote” is the most edited and translated book in all Literature History, just behind The Bible.
  12. AH0K Saipan. From
    AH0K Saipan. OH6RX and OH7WV will be active from Saipan Island, IOTA OC - 086, 7 - 11 September 2016 as AH0K.
  13. PJ2/IZ2ZTQ Curacao Island. From
    Max, IZ2ZTQ is currently active from Curacao Island, IOTA SA - 099, as PJ2/IZ2ZTQ.
  14. OJ0JR Market Reef. From
    Henri, OH3JR will be active from Market Reef, IOTA EU - 053, 10 - 17 September 2016 as OJ0JR.
  15. CE0X/CE5WQO San Felix Island Los Desventuradas. From
    CE0X/CE5WQO San Felix : Felipe, CE5WQO inform that he will be active from San Felix Island, Desventuradas Islands, (IOTA SA-013) between July - September 2016 as CE0X/CE5WQO (dates must be confirmed).
  16. PDXG United Radio QSL Management M0URX M0OXO. From
    The Perseverance DX Group (PDXG) and the United Radio QSL Management Bureau, owned and operated by Tim Beaumont M0URX, have entered into an exclusive relationship for United Radio and its partner M0OXO Online QSL Request Service operated by Charles Wilmott M0OXO to use PDXG’s QSL Management System.
  17. OA7/DL2RMC Peru. From
    Thomas, DL2RMC is currently active from Peru as OA7/DL2RMC.
  18. V633KS V633ZH Chuuk Truk Islands. From
    JA6REX and JH6HZH will be active from Chuuk Islands, IOTA OC - 011, 19 - 25 September 2016 as V633KS and V633ZH.