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DX News Ham Radio Amateur Radio DX Peditions DX Information

DX News DX Information for DXers
  1. SV5/HB9OAU Karpathos Island. From
    Claudio, HB9OAU will be active from Karpathos Island, (IOTA EU-001) 10 - 22 September 2016 as SV5/HB9OAU.
  2. EG9LH Melilla. From
    EG9LH. Javier EC7DZZ and Manuel EA7FKH will be active from Melilla 16 - 17 July 2016 as EG9LH.
  3. CN2AA Rabat Morocco. From
    UA3ASZ, RA3CO, RL3FT, IK2QEI, RM9I, RN5M UA4Z, RX3APM will be active from Morocco in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 28 - 29 May 2016 as CN2AA.
  4. HC2AO Ecuador. From
    Alexey, UA4WAE will be active from Ecuador in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 28 - 29 May 2016 as HC2AO.
  5. D41CV Sao Vicente Island Cabo Verde Cape Verde. From
    D41CV Cape Verde. Girst, YL2KL will be active Sao Vicente Island (IOTA AF-086), Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 28 - 29 May 2016 as D41CV.
  6. KL7SB/VP9 VP9I Bermuda Islands. From
    Stephen, KL7SB will be active from Bermuda Islands (IOTA NA-005) in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 28 - 29 May 2016 as VP9I.
  7. VE3LYC/KL7 Cooper Island. From
    VE3LYC/KL7. Cezar, VE3LYC will be active from Cooper Island, (IOTA NA-172), Alaska 1 - 5 August 2016 as VE3LYC/KL7.
  8. C6AKV Guana Cay Island Abaco Islands. From
    Victor, WA0USA will be active from Guana Cay Island, Abaco Islands (IOTA NA-001) until 29 May 2016 as C6AKV.
  9. J6/WO1X Saint Lucia Island. From
    Tom, WO1X will be active from Saint Lucia Island (IOTA NA-108) until 28 May 2016 as J6/WO1X.
  10. FY/F6CKD French Guiana. From
    FY/F6CKD. Gerard, F6CKD will be active from French Guiana until 15 June 2016 as FY/F6CKD.
  11. SV8/OM6NM Corfu Island. From
    Norbert, OM6NM will be active from Corfu Island, (IOTA EU-052) in RSGB IOTA Contest 30 - 31 July 2016 as SV8/OM6NM.
  12. S9BT S9WL Sao Tome Island Sao Tome and Principe. From
    Josep, EA3BT and Nuria, EA3WL will be active from Sao Tome Island (IOTA AF-023), Sao Thome and Principe 26 September - 1 October 2016 as S9BT and S9WL.
  13. Dirk Hartog Island. From
    Pavel, VK6NX inform that he is planning to be active from Dirk Hartog Island (IOTA OC-206) 14 - 18 August 2016.
  14. CQ Hall of Fame 2016. From
    CQ magazine today announced its 2016 Hall of Fame inductees, including only the second non-amateurs elected to the CQ DX Hall of Fame, two new inductees to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame and 21 new members of the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.
  15. OY/ON6NB Faroe Islands. From
    OY/ON6NB. Radio Amateurs from Belguim, members of NB DX Team, will be active from Faroe Islands (IOTA EU-018) 15 - 21 September 2016 as OY/ON6NB.
  16. FS/N0MHJ Saint Martin Island. From
    Gene, N0MHJ will be active from Saint Martin Island (IOTA NA-105) 20 - 30 May 2016 as FS/N0MHJ.
  17. VP5M VP5/K4QPL Providenciales Island Turks and Caicos. From
    Jim, K4QPL will be active from Providenciales Island, (IOTA NA-002), Turks and Caicos Islands in CQ WW WPX CW Contest 28 - 29 May 2016 as VP5M.
  18. XW1IC Laos. From
    Champ, E21EIC will be active again from Laos 27 May - 1 June 2016 as XW1IC.