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DX News Ham Radio Amateur Radio DX Peditions DX Information

DX News DX Information for DXers
  1. V63GG Pohnpei Island Federated States of Micronesia. From
    Kouchi, JR2GAG will be active from Pohnpei Island (IOTA OC-010) 6 - 10 July 2016 as V63GG.
  2. SW8YA Corfu Island. From
    Gabi, HA1YA will be active from Corfu Island (IOTA EU-052) 13 - 23 July 2016 as SW8YA.
  3. JW7QIA Svalbard Islands. From
    LA7QIA will be active from Svalbard Islands until 2 July 2016 as JW7QIA.
  4. 6Y6N Jamaica. From
    Armin, DK9PY will be active again from Jamaica 6 - 20 August 2016 as 6Y6N.
  5. WRTC 2018 Prime Sponsor. From
    The organizers of the WRTC 2018 have the pleasure to announce that YAESU Musen will support WRTC 2018 as Prime Sponsor. During the Ham Radio 2016 YAESU Director Masao Mori and WRTC 2018 President Christian Janssen, DL1MGB, signed a “Memorandum of Understanding”. YAESU Musen, well renowned as a leading manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.
  6. V31TA Turneffe Atoll. From
    Jim , W2JHP will be active again from Turneffe Atoll (IOTA NA-123) 23 July - 12 August 2016 as V31TA.
  7. CR2M Sao Miguel Island. From
    Oliver, W6NV will be active from Sao Miguel Island, Azores (IOTA EU-003) in RSGB IOTA Contest 30 - 31 July 2016 as CR2M.
  8. 6Y6M 6Y7R Jamaica. From
    Radio Amateurs from VHF Pirates Team will be active from Jamaica 21 June - 5 July 2016 as 6Y6M and 6Y7R.
  9. IA5C Capraia Island. From
    Giuseppe, IK5WWA will be active from Capraia Island (IOTA EU-025) 31 August - 9 September 2016 as IA5C.
  10. WX4SKY/A Dauphin Island. From
    Scott, WX4SKY will be active from Dauphin Island, (IOTA NA- 213) 3 - 18 July 2016 as WX4SKY/A.
  11. 5H1XX Zanzibar Unguja Island. From
    Alexey, UT5UY with team will be active from Zanzibar - Unguja Island (IOTA AF-032) as 5H1XX.
  12. PJ2/W3HNK PJ2/K3NK Curacao Island. From
    W3HNK and K3NK will be active from Curacao Island (IOTA SA-099), 3 - 11 July 2016 as PJ2/W3HNK and PJ2/K3NK.
  13. JT5FW Mongolia. From
    RZ3FW and R4WAA will be active from Mongolia 11 - 19 July 2016 as JT5FW.
  14. FM/F6BCW Martinique. From
    Didier, F6BCW is currently active from Martinique (IOTA NA-107) as FM/F6BCW.
  15. JT0YPS JT0YTX JT0YGC Mongolia. From
    UA9YPS, RA9YTX, RA9YGC will be active from Mongolia 19 - 24 July 2016 as JT0YPS, JT0YTX, JT0YGC.
  16. J77HQ J75KG J79WI J79IX Dominica Island. From
    K5KG, WI9WI, W4IX will be active from Dominica Island (IOTA NA-101), 2 - 12 July 2016 as J75KG, J79WI, J79WI.
  17. SV8/DK3SJ Lesbos Island. From
    Juergen, DK3SJ will be active from Lesbos Island (IOTA EU-049) until 24 July 2016 as SV8/DK3SJ.
  18. JW/M0MIE Svalbard. From
    Matthew, M0MIE is currently active from Svalbard as JW/M0MIE.