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propagation trend
Physically connected callsigns to S50CLX
Callsign Type Started Name Avg RTT
9A2NA-3 USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0241Z Mladen
DH1TW-2 NODE DXSP 12-Apr-2024 1531Z 0.06
EA4URE-3 NODE DXSP 28-Mar-2024 1725Z 0.07
HA3MQ USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 2006Z Feri
IV3FPX USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1339Z boris
JG1VGX-9 NODE DXSP 1-Apr-2024 0430Z Rin 0.32
LZ1ASP USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1230Z
N6WS-6 NODE DXSP 28-Mar-2024 1735Z Bill 0.22
OE6JVE-3 USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 0435Z Juergen
OH1NOA-9 USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0258Z Timo
OM8NY USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1934Z Ivan
ON0DXK-5 NODE DXSP 4-Apr-2024 1306Z Node 0.07
R0CDO USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0118Z Sergey
R6YY USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0234Z Serge
RV9CX USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1617Z Dmitry
S50CLX NODE DXSP 28-Mar-2024 1722Z Palk
S50DXS NODE DXSP 28-Mar-2024 1725Z Pajek2 0.06
S50EL USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1757Z
S50TX USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0343Z
S50U USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1252Z Dan
S50U-5 USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 2008Z Dan
S52UF-6 USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 2350Z Leopold
S53IXY-8 USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0348Z
S55G USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1101Z Mike
S55X USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1403Z Jaka
S57UHX USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0250Z Iztok
S58N USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0306Z Mile
S59F USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 1931Z IVO
SK0MMR RBN EXT 12-Apr-2024 0755Z CWskim
SK1MMR RBN EXT 4-Apr-2024 1114Z DIGIskim
SP1MGM USER EXT 2-Apr-2024 0543Z Krzys set
SP1NEN USER EXT 10-Apr-2024 0510Z jacek
SQ4TES USER EXT 12-Apr-2024 0913Z
UT9NA-8 USER EXT 13-Apr-2024 0003Z
YU1FLM USER EXT 7-Apr-2024 2330Z